PHP is an open alternative to ASP, and a powerful method of creating dynamic web content. Our server fully supports PHP 4.0, under the extentions .php and .phtml. Other extensions, such as .php3, will not work. To find out more about PHP, read the PHP documentaion. (external link)

We are running a performance optimized version of PHP4. Please read the following extract from our php.ini if you are having troubles.

; This file is different from the php.ini-dist file in the fact that it features
; different values for several directives, in order to improve performance, while
; possibly breaking compatibility with the standard out-of-the-box behavior of
; PHP 3.  Please make sure you read what's different, and modify your scripts
; accordingly, if you decide to use this file instead (which is recommended!)
; - allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off
;     It's not possible to decide to force a variable to be passed by reference  
;     when calling a function.  The PHP 4 style to do this is by making the
;     function require the relevant argument by reference.
; - register_globals = Off
;     Global variables are no longer registered for input data (POST, GET, cookies,
;     environment and other server variables).  Instead of using $foo, you must use
;     $HTTP_POST_VARS["foo"], $HTTP_GET_VARS["foo"], $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["foo"],
;     $HTTP_ENV_VARS["foo"] or $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["foo"], depending on which kind
;     of input source you're expecting 'foo' to come from.
; - register_argc_argv = Off
;     Disables registration of the somewhat redundant $argv and $argc global   
;     variables.
; - magic_quotes_gpc = Off
;     Input data is no longer escaped with slashes so that it can be sent into
;     SQL databases without further manipulation.  Instead, you should use the
;     function addslashes() on each input element you wish to send to a database.  
; - variables_order = "GPCS"
;     The environment variables are not hashed into the $HTTP_ENV_VARS[].  To access
;     environment variables, you can use getenv() instead.

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